Cloud Based Solution SnapEye is a Cloud bassed SAAS Platform Which you access within your browser, no complex software to download and manage. Get Started Monitor and Manage Time Monitor and manage the time your employees spent on various tasks and apps. Ensure that they are productive and not wasting time. Get Started Monitor your Remote Employees Monitor your remote work from home employees from a single dashboard. Get Started Get Interesting Insights Get interesting insights about your employees productivity and task wish time spent backed vy screenshot and application data Get Started

Manage and Monitor all your employees from a Single Dashboard


Manage all the computers in your organization remotely from a centralized location. Your SnapEye account is accessible from any internet-enabled device giving you access from anywhere at any time. With our real-time computer monitoring software, you can view activities as they happen and manage instantly.


Time Management

  • Track employees presence and activities
  • Spot and eliminate wasted time
  • Optimize your team

User Management

Effectively manage multiple systems and users

  • Centralized network monitoring
  • Deputize your Peers

Get Real Time Insights

  • See what your employees are doing in real time
  • Live Refresh mode
  • Department level management

Manage Attendance

  • Log hours from anywhere (Flexible user based settings)
  • Accurate work hours
  • Department wise attendance
  • Extract ready-made reports (up to 30 days)

Auto Screenshots

  • Take screenshots at regular intervals
  • Customized monitoring parameters
  • Generate random screenshots
  • Make sure Employees stays on track

Work Flow

Stop Wasting More Time In Tracking, Start Managing Their Usage

Save screenshots on most secure cloud. Faster, better & smarter Easy access

Detailed activity reports Sort by user/project/ Easy to understand chart & graphs

Monitor multiple networks from one place Record everything your employees do Generate screenshots at set intervals (minimum 15 secs) Keystrokes surveilling, internet & program usage

Monitor Overall activities on one central dashboard Simple and User friendly

Why SnapEye Is Best For Your Business?

SnapEye can improve your employees’ productivity, business, and overall operation with its various amazing functionalities. These are just a few ways.

Increase Productivity

Gain complete visibility & full control over your employees’ computer activities

Graphical Reports

Get detailed insights in the form of intuitive graphic reports and charts. Simple & Easy to understand.

Save Time And Money

Ditch the paperwork. SnapEye is 100% automatic. Less manual work and low compliance.

Data Security

Real-time monitoring, automatic screenshots at regular intervals and save data in the cloud.

Stealth Operation

Track employee activities on PC remotely from any location in 100% invisible mode.

24/7 Support

Facing difficulties? Got any queries? SnapEye tech support team has got your back.

Avoid costly distractions and stay focused at work

Know how much your time is worth? Break down your hours by projects, clients, and tasks to see what’s making you money and holding you back.

Track URLs and app usage to know which programs or websites your employees run while working.

SnapEye auto screenshots let you capture team members’ computer screens at random intervals of time.

Track employee computer with minimal exposure of WorkComposer and with no control over tracking from user.

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