View screenshots of real-time progress

SnapEye Screenshots Feature Lets You Save Both

Automated Screenshots

SnapEye can take screenshots of users’ computer screens every few minutes and offer insight into mouse and keyboard activity levels. Configure screenshot intervals or randomize the interval to make it unpredicatble.

Check for suspicious activity

With SnapEye screenshot tracking, it’s easy to notice any problematic situations at a glance. Occasionally scan through the captured screenshots to make sure the company’s time and money are not wasted.

Track problematic employees

Screenshots can be enabled or disabled for each user individually. Let the employee know you’re about to use auto screenshots – and see the results improving.

Automatically detect Breaks

Our engineers are working on offline feature so that the app will continue time tracking and screenshot capture, even with no connectivity to the internet. The data will automatically be uploaded to the cloud next time there is an Internet connection available. Currently this feature is not available.