Automatic Time Tracking in the Background

Automatically Start Tracking

In Stealth Mode, SnapEye starts Tracking as soon as the computer is turned on, and stays on until the computer gets turned off. This mode is particularly useful for office computers where the user is never supposed to use them for personal activity.

Invisible for the User

SnapEye is not visible to the user in this mode, and no interaction from the user is required. You can choose to show the small indicator to the user or hide that from your organization settings.

Automatically detect Breaks

Break time tracking is fully automatic with Stealth Mode. When the user leaves the computer unattended or no activity from the user end for some time (configurable), SnapEye will automatically count it as a Break time. This will give you precise reports on how long the employee has been working in front of the computer and how much time got spent on lunch and coffee breaks.