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SnapEye Timesheets Feature Lets You Save Both

Simple, Accurate & Effective

Get rid Of manual time entries and make yourself ready to enjoy the full-fledged automatic time-tracking feature of SnapEye especially built for remote teams and office employees.

Timesheets and SnapEye

Provides easy access to monitor the Clock In and Clock Out time of your employees. 

SnapEye  generates timesheets for each employee based on their computer activities. 

The software automatically registers the time your employees turned on their system and tracks their activities until they turn it off.

Effortlessly Manage Your Employees Time

Know the real-time insights on how your employees are spending their working hours.

View Productive and Non-productive Hours

See how much productive your employees are throughout the day and how much time they wasted on doing non-productive tasks.

✔ Shows the overall log details of each and every employee.

✔ Calculate the accurate productive work hours.

✔ Generate reports showing the work engagement details.

✔ Shows the top websites and applications used by employees.

✔ Capture auto-screen shots in every few seconds.

Calculate the Idle Time and Breaks

Unnecessary breaks and too much idle time hampers productivity a lot. SnapEye can help you to differentiate the productive work hours from idle time and breaks.

SnapEye timesheet lets you know the total log hours of your employees while it also keeps an eye on the time when the system is left idle. Accordingly it counts the accurate production hours and the   employees have spent on their breaks all day long.

Overall Productivity Percentage

Do not stress over measuring the productivity of your firm as SnapEye does it for you. It automatically monitors the work insights of every single employee and calculates the overall productivity.

Based on the total productive work hours from your employees compared to the total production hours of your business, SnapEye provides you an accurate percentage of the overall work productivity in your firm.

Export Timesheets

With just a single click, easily export the timesheets in CSV and PDF format and simplify your payment process, minimizing the chance of human error.

It keeps all the work time insights in the form of detailed timesheet reports which can be easily accessible in the CSV and PDF format with a secured cloud storage mechanism. You can also integrate it with other cloud storage providers like AWS, Google drive, Microsoft one drive etc.

Spend Less Time in Tracking and Save More

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More Accuracy in Clock-ins

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More Productive Work Time

Let's get you started with the powerful automatic Timesheets.

Users report an average productivity increase of 50%